Frequently Asked Questions

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SmartClinic Urgent Care invites you to check the list below to see whether your question may be answered here. Please feel free to use the contact form, email, call us or simply visit us.

Frequently Asked Questions of SmartClinic Urgent Care

Do I need an appointment?

Walk-ins are welcome. An appointment is never needed, we will see you when you need to be seen.

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept most insurance plans. Contact your provider or contact us if you are not sure. We currently accept the following:

  • Advantage IPA
  • ADOC(Affiliated Doctors of Orange County, Inc.)
  • Aetna
  • Allied Phys.
  • AltaMed
  • Anthem BC
  • Apollo
  • Avalon
  • Bakerfield Famiily Medical Center(Group)
  • Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield of CA(PPO)
  • Caduceus Medical Group
  • Caremore Health Plan
  • CIGNA/Great West Health Care
  • Coastal Communities Physicians Network
  • Community Health Plan
  • Community Medical group
  • Desert Oasis Health Care(GRP/IPA)
  • Discount Health Network
  • Eastland Medical Group
  • El Proyecto Del Barrio, Inc.
  • Exeptional Care
  • Greater Covina Medical Group
  • Greater Sangabriel Valley
  • Health Net(All)
  • Healthcare LA/ Med. Point
  • Healthcare Partners
  • Heritage Physician Network(IPA)
  • Heritage Provider Network(Regal)
  • Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group(IPA)
  • High Desert Medical Group
  • Lakeside Medical Group
  • La Puente Health Center
  • Magan Medical Gp.
  • Medi-Cal
  • Medi-Care
  • Mission Heritage
  • Mission Hospital Affiliated Physicians
  • Mission Internal Medical Group
  • Nuestra Familia (Regal)
  • Pacific Independent Physician Association
  • Physicians Association
  • Physician Healthways
  • PPNI - Premier Provider Network, Inc.
  • Preferred IPA
  • Prospect(All)
  • Rancho Family Medical Group
  • Reagal
  • Reliant
  • Sierra Medical Group
  • St. Jude Heritage Medical Group
  • St. Jude Affiliated Physicians
  • St. Joseph Hospital Affiliated Physicians
  • St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group
  • TriCare
  • United Healthcare and West
  • Verdugo Hills Medical Group
  • West Covina Medical Group

More insurance carriers will be available in the near future.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or checks. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards.

I am a Kaiser patient. May I be seen by you?

During the day we will ask you to be seen by your primary medical doctor (PMD). If your PMD is not available, or it is after normal working hours, we will see you and report our findings to your PMD. You may be responsible for charges incurred at your visit.

Can I call you for advice about my illness?

We need to examine you in order to advise you on your illness and provide proper treatment. For established patients, some insurance plans will allow an internet consultation.

SmartClinic is closed. What should I do?

Please call your PMD for advice. If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Do you refill prescriptions by phone?

We may in certain circumstances, if we have seen you recently or it is recorded in the medical chart. Otherwise you will have to return to SmartClinic Urgent Care or consult your PMD for a refill.

Where do I get my medications?

We carry our most commonly prescribed medications. We use electronic prescribing to insure medication accuracy and to make sure your medications are waiting for you when you arrive at the pharmacy. Check with your pharmacy to see if they offer e-prescribing.

What should I bring to SmartClinic?

Please bring your insurance card and any other medical information (medications, old EKG's, radiology reports) that may be helpful. You must bring a valid I.D. card. Guardians must bring up to date documentation of guardianship.

How do you maintain patient privacy?

We adhere to HIPAA Guidelines, which is a federal law that very carefully protects your private healthcare information. It is our every intention to keep your personal information private. We normally forward information and lab results from your visit to your PMD to assist them in your care. If there some reason you don't want your record sent to your personal physician please let us know.


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