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Smart Clinic Offers Infection and Diagnostic Evaluations in West Covina, CA

Our Team of Medical Professionals can Provide Same-Day Evaluations and Treatment for Patients of all Ages

Infections at SmartClinic Urgent Care West Covina, CA

Bacterial, Viral, and Yeast infectionsall spread quickly andaremoving on fast forward motion…

While your body is working its hardest to fight off the invasion of an infection, more often than not, your body needs help. SmartClinicUrgent Care offers immediateInfection and Diagnostic Evaluations. Your body does not necessarily run on the same clock you do, at SmartClinic Urgent Care, our doctors run on your bodies schedule. Our doors are open too walk-in no appointment necessary. Our doctors can diagnose, evaluate, test and prescribe treatment before the invasion causes hospitalization or worse, an incurable diagnosis.

With our in-house lab, SmartClinicUrgent Care can ‘beat the clock’…

Our team of doctors will determine what your body needs with rapid strep tests, urine tests, blood work and influenza testing as well as digital x-rays. If you are fighting a yeast infection, urinary tract infection, ear or throat infection, a stomach flu or pneumonia, every minute counts. Why wait until your doctor or pediatrician can squeeze you in to their already overbooked schedule? Tic-tock. Time flies when you or a loved one is not feeling well. SmartClinic Urgent Care, conveniently located in West Covina and proudly serves all surrounding areas including Vincent, Covina, Walnut, South San Jose Hills, Hacienda Heights, Baldwin Park, and more.

Preventative care is also essential…

Smart Clinic in West Covina can be your resource for managing your health whether young or young at heart. Our health care professionals administer a variety of vaccinations & immunizations. Flu and tetanus shots are just a sampling of our resources to help your body stay at its maximum potential.