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Doctors Nearby You Who Can Provide Fracture Treatment in West Covina, CA

Medical Experts Who Can Quickly Assess And Determine The Severity of Your Injury

Doctors Nearby You who Provide Fractures Treatment in West Covina, CA

When you or a loved are injured, it can be difficult to tell if your joints and bones are sprained, fractured or broken. At SmartClinic Urgent Care, our team of medical experts will assess and stabilize your injury. If needed, we offer on-site digital X-rays and immediate interpretation from the Provider. We also submit the images to a Board Certified Radiologist who will then provide a final report.

Upon request, we are able to provide a CD of your images along with the final report from the Board Certified Radiologist so you may follow up with your Primary Care Doctor or an Orthopedic Specialist.

If you have a fracture or a severe sprain, we are able to provide a custom splint to stabilize your injury. This allows the bone and joints the time to heal properly. SmartClinic will also provide aftercare instructions regarding your visit.

In some cases where the injury is severe, we will continue to stabilize your injury and refer you to the local emergency room for further care.

Give us a call for more information. We are on a walk in basis, 7 days a week.