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SmartClinic Urgent Care

Urgent Care located in West Covina, CA & Santa Clarita, Canyon Country, CA

From sports physicals to school, work, nurse, and immigration physicals, when it comes to preventive care, the friendly providers of Smart Clinic Urgent Care are highly experienced. With locations in West Covina and Santa Clarita, California, Smart Clinic Urgent Care offers quality physicals; many are available on a walk-in basis. A physical exam is an effective preventive care and diagnostic method that can help identify abnormalities and reveal important information about your health. Call your nearest office, or simply walk-in today.

Physicals Q & A

What is a physical?

Medicine utilizes physical exams as part of a general preventive care visit or to evaluate specific medical concerns. Physicals focus on improving and evaluating your overall health and wellness. Doctors highly recommend an annual physical for everyone.

Why would I need a physical?

You might need a physical to:

  • Ensure you’re living a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition and regular exercise
  • Check for possible diseases
  • Update any necessary immunizations
  • Identify concerns that could develop into medical complications

You might need a physical before an upcoming surgery or medical treatment or as part of a requirement for your school or work, for example, to start a certain job or sports team.

Smart Clinic Urgent Care provides many different types of comprehensive physical examinations, such as sports, school, college, work, Department of Transportation (DOT), nurse, and immigration physicals. The team can perform all physicals on a walk-in basis with the exception of immigration and DOT physicals. 

Smart Clinic Urgent Care can also provide other in-office testing, screenings, and services, such as immunizations, urinalysis, blood work, and X-rays.

What’s involved with a physical?

You should avoid excess jewelry or makeup and wear comfortable clothing for your physical.

A physical involves an in-depth consultation about your health, a review of your medical and family history, a physical assessment, and time to discuss questions and concerns. Your provider uses a stethoscope — a special medical instrument to listen to your heart’s rhythm and functioning and specific organs like your lungs or intestines.

Depending on your current health and your age, your Smart Clinic Urgent Care provider might suggest additional testing, such as blood work to check your cholesterol or inflammatory markers, or an X-ray to further examine a certain body part or symptom. You might have a visual and temperature acuity test or a pulse oximetry test to monitor your oxygen saturation. 

Your provider also checks your height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, and inspects your body for any unusual marks or growths. They might examine your abdomen and other parts of your body, evaluating the size, tenderness, location, consistency, and texture of your organs.

If you’re due for a physical, you can expect high caliber medical care from Smart Clinic Urgent Care. Walk-in, call or schedule online.