4 Signs of a Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) have such a big impact on American life that they’re the second-most common type of infection in the country. Even so, many people don’t truly understand the warning signs that they’re dealing with this type of infection in their body.

Beyond offering easy-to-access, effective care for urinary tract infections at our clinics in West Covina and Santa Clarita, California, our dedicated team at SmartClinic Urgent Care also wants to help people understand when they’re experiencing this type of infection. Here’s a quick look at four of the main warning signs of a UTI. 

1. A burning sensation when you urinate

That burning feeling serves as a telltale red flag. One of the most common symptoms of a UTI, an unwelcome burning as you urinate often indicates that you have an infection in some part of your urinary system.

While the actual infection most commonly occurs in your urethra and your bladder, it can also affect your kidneys, ureters, and more. Ultimately, the infection rears its ugly head when you expel urine, causing a burning or stinging sensation. 

2. Feeling like you need to empty your bladder more

When you have a UTI, your body wants to be rid of the infection as quickly as possible. One way it attempts to clear out the infection is by emptying your bladder. That attempt to expel the infection leads to many people with UTIs feeling a persistent and more-frequent-than-normal urge to use the restroom. 

3. Changes in your urine

If your urine doesn’t seem totally normal, it could be a warning that you’re living with a UTI. Common urine changes include:

That last sign means a small amount of blood has worked its way into your urine. That can seem particularly alarming, but it’s a relatively common side effect of a UTI. 

4. Pain 

You might have different symptoms depending on where the infection is situated in your urinary system. If the infection affects your kidneys, you might feel pain along your flank. It’s also common for women to feel pelvic pain, which can usually be attributed to infection in the bladder.

Treating a UTI

Ultimately, you want to get rid of all of the above signs — and the infection itself — as quickly as possible. And our team here at SmartClinic Urgent Care can help you do exactly that. We diagnose your urinary tract infection and offer targeted medication to stop the infection and your symptoms. 

To get relief from your UTI, visit SmartClinic Urgent Care today. We welcome walk-ins, or you can call us at either location to schedule an appointment. You can also book a telemedicine visit online.

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