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5 Signs of Bronchitis

Your bronchial tubes play a critical role in your body, serving as pathways for air to flow to and from your lungs. You want these passageways to be as large as possible, allowing yourself to breathe easily.

Bronchitis does just the opposite. This condition causes inflammation in your bronchial tubes, narrowing them. It’s no surprise, then, that people with bronchitis want to get treatment as quickly as possible.

To help you breathe easier, our team at Smart Clinic Urgent Care offers bronchitis care at both of our offices in West Covina and Santa Clarita, California. If you notice any of these telltale signs of bronchitis, don’t hesitate to visit us right away. 

#1: Coughing

A persistent cough is a hallmark of bronchitis. Even though acute bronchitis usually resolves itself in about a week, your cough can linger for weeks afterward.

In some cases, bronchitis can cause your body to produce mucus, which you then cough up. That mucus might be white, clear, gray, or green.

If you’ve had a cough with mucus for more than three months, you might be living with chronic bronchitis. This condition occurs most commonly in smokers. 

#2: Shortness of breath

Because bronchitis causes your bronchial tubes to narrow, it makes it harder to breathe. If you notice yourself getting unusually winded when walking up stairs or carrying something heavy, you might have bronchitis. 

#3: Chest discomfort

Because the narrowing in your bronchial tubes can cause your body to work harder to breathe, it may ultimately cause chest pain. Your chest might also feel clogged when you’re living with bronchitis. 

#4: Fatigue

If you’ve been feeling wiped out lately and are experiencing any of the other symptoms on this list, bronchitis could be to blame. 

#5: Fever and chills

Acute bronchitis often comes with symptoms you associate with the common cold. In fact, many cases of the cold — a virus — develop into bronchitis

That means your bronchitis might come with symptoms that cause general physical discomfort, including a fever or chills. In most instances, these symptoms are fairly mild. 

In some cases, bronchitis can also cause body aches. 

Treating bronchitis 

Do these symptoms sound familiar? If so, we offer a broad range of treatments for people with both acute and chronic bronchitis, from antibiotics and inhalers to lifestyle counseling. 

At our office, we can explore these treatment options with you to help you breathe easier.

Call or visit either of our urgent care locations or schedule a telehealth appointment online to get your bronchitis symptoms under control today. 

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