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6 Benefits of Having an Annual Physical Exam

6 Benefits of Having an Annual Physical Exam

It’s the new year, and many people have resolved to make personal changes for a healthier 2023. If you want to improve your health this year and beyond, resolve to get your annual physical

With a quick, painless appointment at either of our SmartClinic Urgent Care offices — located in West Covina and Santa Clarita, California — you can check in with a health care professional and check up on your health goals. Here are six benefits you can get from your yearly physical. 

1. Catch problems early

One of the main reasons experts recommend regular physical exams for people of all ages comes down to preventive screenings. When you’re visiting a medical professional on a yearly basis, they can perform or order the right tests for you. 

And that means you can catch problems — like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or cancer — before they have a chance to become serious, even life-threatening, issues. As a general rule, health conditions are easier to treat the earlier they’re identified. 

2. Stay proactive

Similarly, your annual physical isn’t just about spotting problems before they can escalate. It’s also about exploring preventive things you can do to improve your overall health. Our team talks with you about your personal and family health history to identify lifestyle changes you can make to help you avoid problems down the road. 

3. Get immunized

Speaking of preventive measures, your physical gives you a convenient time to make sure you have the right protections in place to defend against common illnesses like the flu and COVID-19

4. Discuss your medications

If you’re currently taking medication, bring it up with our team. As your body changes through the years, your medication needs might change, too. We can help you find the right prescriptions and doses to enjoy a healthy 2023 with minimal side effects. 

5. Get answers to your health questions

Have you been wondering about some aspect of your physical or mental wellness? Your annual physical exam is the perfect time to bring up your questions and concerns with a medical professional. 

6. Tick any necessary boxes

While you should get a physical to protect your own wellness, you might also be required to have one, such as for work or school. We can help. Here at SmartClinic Urgent Care, we offer physicals for:

We can perform most of those physicals on a walk-in basis; however, you need to schedule DOT and immigration physicals ahead of time. 

Depending on what you need, walk in or call SmartClinic Urgent Care at either location to book your physical. Make 2023 the year you recommit to getting an annual physical exam.

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