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Are Physicals Necessary?

With all of the obligations and responsibilities that eat up your time — from family to work to basic upkeep — you may wonder if it’s really worth your time and energy to get an annual physical. After all, you feel healthy. Isn’t that enough? Actually, it’s not.

Our team of experts at Smart Clinic Urgent Care has experience in all types of physicals. In addition to annual physicals, you may need to schedule a special physical for:

We make sure that you get all of the tests and examinations you need to fulfill your requirements. Your annual physical may even be covered by your medical insurance. 

Here are some of the benefits that come from scheduling an annual or special physical exam.

We take a closer look

Even if you think you’re managing your health well, you may have a blindspot or two that could compromise your wellness either now or in the future. When you check in with us every year, we make sure that your health is as optimal as it can be.

We look for telltale signs of disease or other health conditions that may not be giving you problems right now. Most health conditions and diseases respond best to treatment when they’re caught early enough.

We ask questions about your lifestyle to make sure you’re getting the nutrition you need from the foods you eat. We also talk about exercise to ensure that you’re moving enough and building new muscle and bone through a varied activity routine.

An annual physical gives you a chance to ask one of our experts about any new symptoms so they can be evaluated. We can help you with any other issues you may have, including a desire to lose weight or quit smoking.

We examine your body

No matter what type of physical you come in for, part of the process is a complete evaluation of your body and its functions. Our experts:

We keep records of our findings so that you can see how your body changes from year to year. 

We give you the tests you need

Some of the most important aspects of a physical examination are the tests we conduct to give us insights into how well your organs function. 

We draw your blood and send it to a lab to make sure you have healthy levels of cholesterol, calcium, and other substances. We can also test for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Part of your physical exam includes giving a urine sample. Our lab evaluates the sample to find out whether your kidneys filter toxins as they should. We also test your urine for bacteria that could signal that you have a urinary tract infection.

Gender-specific testing

Depending on your sex and age, we may also recommend or refer you for specialized tests. 

Women may receive:

Men may receive:

Depending on your individual case, we may recommend other tests. For instance, if we suspect you have a fracture or another structural problem, we may administer an X-ray or other type of imaging study. We may also test your oxygen saturation levels or test your vision.

We take care of you

During your annual physical, we may discover early or late signs of a disease or other medical condition. We’re certified to diagnose and treat a full range of conditions, including:

We can also refer you to specialists who treat more complicated diseases. 

We keep you safe

You can also get your immunizations or boosters at our offices. We keep your records on file and let you know when it’s time for a booster shot for you or your children.

To schedule your appointment for a physical, contact us today. You can walk into one of our urgent care locations in West Covina or Santa Clarita, California. Telehealth visits are also available.

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