How B Vitamins Help Your Body

How B Vitamins Help Your Body

Your body counts on you to bring in the essential nutrients it needs. And while most people get plenty of carbohydrates and fat and are pretty good about drinking enough water and eating protein, vitamins and minerals can be trickier.

It’s especially problematic when it comes to B vitamins because your body relies on them for so many critical processes. To help you feel your best and protect your overall health, our SmartClinic Urgent Care team can help you get these critical vitamins into your system quickly through IV therapy.

Why B vitamins matter

Your body needs eight different types of B vitamins:

Your food can potentially introduce all of these vitamins into your body, but very few people eat a varied enough diet to get enough of all eight B vitamins. That’s especially true if you’re vegetarian or vegan because meat and seafood are some of the top sources of these vitamins.

Fortunately, a B vitamin complex like the one we offer through our IV therapy or like the vitamins you buy and take daily contains all eight B vitamins. 

When you get enough B vitamins, your body has an easier time:

B vitamins are also important for brain, nerve, and eyesight function. 

Clearly, these vitamins matter. If you’re not getting enough, you might feel fatigued, irritable, or physically weak. B vitamin deficiency can also manifest as:

Pregnant women should be extra careful about their B vitamin intake because folic acid plays a critical role in their baby’s development. 

Getting the B vitamins your body needs

While you can get B vitamins from the food you eat or by taking vitamins orally, your body may need a boost, especially if you’ve been deficient in these important vitamins. We offer IV drip therapy so we can get B vitamins directly into your bloodstream, improving absorption and helping you feel better faster. 

To give you the B vitamins your body needs with other health benefits, we also offer the Myers’ cocktail, which blends B vitamins with magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C. 

Do you need a B vitamin boost? Contact us to make an IV therapy appointment or walk into the SmartClinic Urgent Care clinic nearest you. We have convenient locations in West Covina and Santa Clarita, California.

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