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I Think My Child Has Allergies: What Should I Do?

I Think My Child Has Allergies: What Should I Do?

Allergies can take many forms and cause a lot of different symptoms. Because an allergy could be to blame for everything from an upset stomach to persistent sneezing, it can get confusing as a parent. 

Fortunately, getting your child the help they need doesn’t have to be complicated. Why? Because our pediatric care experts can recognize and treat kids’ allergies. That means that if you think your child might have allergies, all you need to do is visit either of our SmartClinic Urgent Care offices — conveniently located in West Covina or Santa Clarita, California.

When to visit a doctor for allergies

If you’re reading this blog, the odds are high that you’ve already noticed some common allergy signs in your child. Those include:

Any one of these allergy symptoms could be enough to worry you, but if you’ve noticed more than one, you’re probably more than ready to get your child to a doctor. That’s why we’re here at SmartClinic Urgent Care. 

Our pediatric care team can evaluate your child and alleviate their allergy symptoms. We can also help you decide if you need to make an appointment with an allergist. Before you see a specialist, though, we can talk with you and explore some common causes of allergies in kids. These include:

If we suspect your child has allergies, we talk with you about ways you can avoid or minimize contact with allergy triggers and treatments that can help when an allergy attack occurs.

Getting relief for your child

Easing your child’s allergy symptoms depends on what they’re allergic to. If it’s a food allergy, for example, getting them relief can be as simple as cutting the food out of their diet. 

For environmental allergens like pollen, though, you might need to take several steps. Fighting seasonal allergies might mean sealing up your home, being careful about when and how you spend time outdoors, and finding a child-safe allergy medication that works. Fortunately, we can help you find medication to try even before your child sees an allergist.

If we do recommend a trip to the allergist, they tailor allergy testing to your child so you know exactly what’s causing the reaction in your child. With either a skin test or a blood test, a specialist can get to the root of your child’s allergy. 

You might discover that your child is allergic to cats but not dogs, for example. This way, you can make modifications at home to help your child minimize allergy attacks. 

To get started with allergy care for your child, call SmartClinic Urgent Care at 661-430-9040, book a consultation online, or simply walk into either of our offices today.

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