See the Doctor From Your Own Home

COVID-19 has brought about many changes in our day-to-day lives, including how we access health care. With telemedicine, you still get the care you need and minimize your risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Our team at SmartClinic Urgent Care offers telemedicine appointments so we can continue to provide the same level of top-notch care while slowing the spread of COVID-19

Benefits of telemedicine

Telemedicine allows you to see us from the comfort of your home or office, whether you’re feeling sick with the flu or need follow-up care. But the benefits don’t stop there. Telemedicine appointments offer a range of benefits, including:

Reduced exposure

Exposure to COVID-19 is a scary thought. And, unfortunately, your risk of exposure only gets higher when you visit hospitals or a doctor’s office. With telemedicine, you can still receive high-quality care from our team and not put yourself, or your loved ones, at risk.

Improving long-term health

It’s understandable for patients to cancel or skip their check-ups out of fear of contracting the virus. But with telemedicine, you have the ability to access health care safely.

We provide a range of services that can improve your overall health. We can go over test results, refill or write new prescriptions, and provide routine check-ups. We can also:

If you’re not feeling well, a telemedicine appointment with our SmartClinic team can determine whether you require in-person treatment. That way, you don’t need to risk exposure to COVID-19 or another virus for something non-urgent.


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of telemedicine is convenience. It allows you to keep your appointment without missing time from work or arranging childcare. With telemedicine, you can see one of our specialists from your couch, in your PJs, or while you’re prepping dinner.

How do I set up a telemedicine appointment?

At SmartClinic Urgent Care, we make it easy to set up your telemedicine appointment. Simply visit us online to start the registration process. 

Once you set up your appointment, an online care coordinator lets you know how long you can expect to wait, which usually isn’t very long. Then you can see one of our providers and discuss your concerns.

Safe and easy access to health care

At SmartClinic Urgent Care, we understand how difficult it can be to access health care, even before COVID-19 came around. It’s not easy to miss time from work and find a babysitter. Many people don’t have the resources to even get to their appointments.

That’s why we proudly offer telemedicine for our patients. To book your telemedicine appointment, contact our office in West Covina or Santa Clarita, California, by phone or book your visit online today.

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